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Mission Statement

Leer Wood Products is a family owned sawmill. Who constantly strive to provide customers with the best quality lumber, mats, pallet material and other wood products at market prices. They maintain a consistently higher level of customer service and on-time delivery than any of their competitors. This is accomplished by providing quality materials and ensuring that their professional employees’ highest priority is customer satisfaction.


Steve Leer started logging in 1978 in Jackson, Trempealeau, and La Crosse counties. He started off logging with his father who began logging in the mid-1940s. After marrying Nancy, he moved to Westby and together they started Leer Logging in 1984. After Leer Logging was established they began to hire Amish sawmills to cut grade lumber, cants and ties.

In 1994 Leer Logging was changed to Leer Wood Industries and they began to expand and bought their first sawmill property in Westby. That mill sawed cut stock and soon after they hired more Amish mills to also saw cut stock.

In 2004 they built a large sawmill in Westby. More employees were hired and for the first time they hired additional foresters to assist Steve in buying timber and logs. It wasn’t until 2010 that the company name was changed to Leer Wood Products because of product expansion and reorganization of the company.

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